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Making Livestock Handling Safe, Easy and Efficient

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Corral Design

photo cattle handling corralsNeed some help with corral design? We can assist you with a W-W Livestock Systems corral designed to fit your unique requirements. A W-W Livestock Systems corral from Ranch Outfitters is functional, safe for both operator and animals, and will stand up to hard use and weather; and we can furnish the quality compenents to build it as you want it.

The heart of your livestock handling system can be a sweep tub, 300 EZ- DUZ-IT working system or a sorting hub. The sweep tubs can be a 2-Section (210) or a 3-Section (270) sweep.  The 300 EZ-DUZ-IT can have a 10' or a 12' working alley and a 2-Section or a 3-Section crowd alley.  Full sorting hubs and half sorting hubs are available.  Corrals can be added or changed as needed.  All components are available individually.

WW Livestock Systems Design 310A WW Livestock Systems Design 312A
Design 310A
437 square feet
Design 312A
539 square feet

W-W Livestock System
300 E-Z DUZ-IT, 10' or 12' Working Alley

WW Livestock Systems Design 210A

WW Livestock Systems Design 270A

Design 210A
345 square feet

Design 270A
395 square feet

W-W Livestock System
210 or 270 Sweep System with Panel Crowd Alley

WW Livestock Systems Design 200

WW Livestock Systems Design 500

Design 200
5950 square feet
Design 500
9150 square feet

W-W Livestock System
Complete Systems using Half Sorting Hub or Full Sorting Hub

WW Livestock Systems Design 987121 WW Livestock Systems Design 981121
Design 987121
8000 square feet
Design 981121
8800 square feet

W-W Livestock System
Corral Systems for Handling, Sorting & Holding Large Numbers of Animals Using Versatile
Gate Systems or 300 E-Z DUZ-IT in Center

WW Livestock Systems Design 125

WW Livestock Systems Design 032

W-W Livestock System
Design 125
2340 square feet
Complete System Using V-Down for
Loading Crowd Alley or Loading Chute
Design 032
9000 square feet
Complete System with 210 Sweep





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